What is Social Bookmarking

What is social bookmarking.

When you like any website or link then what will you do? You will bookmark that link in your browser. But why you do so because you search so many sites and you cannot remember them all. So for future you bookmark that site. But the memory of computer is limited so how many sites you can bookmark on your system and there is also so many risk factors like if your os corrupt  your all data will be lost. To avoid this use social bookmarking sites. Social bookmarking is same as bookmark your favorite links but not in the browser instead of on a server that is a website like dig.com, Stumbleupon etc.

 There are many advantages of bookmark on social bookmarking sites that are
  • You can categorized your sites
  • You can share it with others
  • You can also find bookmarks sites by others
  • You will find relevant sites according to your need
  • It is very safe .
You can find them anywhere like if you bookmarked on your computer then you have to carry your coputer.
Now What is the Importance of social bookmarking in SEO
Social bookmarking is very important part of seo Because

Get Generic Traffic: you will bookmark your site on any bookmarking site. Then the other users on that site will find your site and open it. They will visit your site and if they find it interesting it then they can bookmark it also. And this process will be continue.

Get back links: For SEO back links are very important. A site has a large number of back links will have a good page rank. So if you share a website on a social bookmarking site like dig or pintrest then it will give a back link to that site. And if any other likes your link then he or she can bookmark it and so on. So this will increase the back links to your website. And the ranking of your site will be increase .

Spread your product: by social bookmarking you can spread your product on the internet. Because there are so many users use the bookmarking sites they all will see your product and by this your sale will be also increase.

Increases  Page Ranking: social bookmarking is helpful to increase page ranking because it gives many back links to your site and also give generic traffic to your site.
How to Submit site to social bookmarking sites
It is not a difficult task to submit a site. You just need to follow these steps
  1. Signup to bookmarking site
  2. Then enter the link you want to submit
  3.   Enter a relative title to your page
  4.   Enter a description for your page
  5.   Enter related tags to your page

List of Some social bookmarking sites:


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