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What is seo you have read in last article now the question is how to do seo. So you can do it yourself or you can hire any company for seo. This depends on many factors like if you have time then you can do it yourself and if you don’t have time then you should hire a company that will be better
But if you want to do seo yourself you should learn it and understand it . On thinklala you will learn seo very easily .
Just be patient and be with us .Seo is not so difficult you will learn seo easily with us. Just follow these steps

1)      Research Keyword: first main step in seo is to research keyword that which keyword you are going to use in your site. Because the whole seo is based on seo . because all search is based upon keyword the user enter keyword for search like jquery,SEO,Html,JavaScript and search engine will search website on the base of that key word . so first of all you need to be clear about your keyword.
This is very important part , if you select wrong keyword  then next steps will be failed to get traffic on your website .
There are many tools available for the keyword research . Like  Google AdWords Keyword Tool. By using this you can research keyword

2)      Seo Friendly domain name:  your keyword should in your domain name that will help to search engines to find your site easily because when search start finding pages will find the keyword in your domain and then search engine will get your page to result. So this will help a lot in the seo and to increase your page rank
3)      Tile Tag:  Every page should have a tile tag. Because this is the most important part search engine finds the title tag on page and if search engine finds a accurate title tag then only your site will be considered.  And you should write a good title tag that will describe your website and title tag should not very long .use keywords in title tag. So always use accurate and good title tags

4)      Headings(H1,H2 ):  H1,h2,h3,h4,h5 should tell the search engine about your website and you should put relevant information in that tags. Search engines finds these tags on page and on the basis of these tags they fetch the page. You should put keywords in these tags. And every page must have a h1 tag in which main keyword is defined.

5)      Internal links : You should put the link to your main page on every page of your website or blog. And put a keyword or keyword phrase on the link text. Because as many pages will give link to your main page the ranking of your site will increase. But don’t put so many links that the google declare it spam and block your site. So be careful .

6)      Create sitemap: Then you should create a site map for your website or blog . Because a sitemap will help a search engine a lot to find content . The sitemap will tell to search engine that what type of content your website has.

7)      Remove inline JavaScript: You should remove the inline javaScript and put it in external file. Means the header of the page should empty
       You have learned that seo is of two types in my last post and  This is all about on page seo to learn about off Page seo read my next post 


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