What is SEO

What is seo and How to increase traffic with seo
Seo means search engine optimization. With the help of seo you can get more traffic on your website. Seo is powerful technique for getting traffic on website or make your website familiar to internet. When a user type a query on search engine like Google then search engine get some results on the basis of that query that is some website. Now which websites will come on that results that depends on seo. Seo helps to increase the page rank.

Why seo is required

Suppose you have made a very good site or you have very good content on your site. But still you are not getting traffic. Because the other sites that can have poor content but with good seo will not let you to come in top search results. So your site is required seo. Once you have done seo of your website it will increase traffic day by day on your website.

How Seo will affect your business or increase sale

Suppose you site is very small and you are selling a product. Your brand visibility is the most important part that will affect your business and that can be only done with seo. Suppose you are selling clothes and if the user search buy online clothes and if your site will come on top result the there is a chance that user can buy from your site and may he or she can be your permanent customer.   So you should invest some part on seo. Because it will increase you traffic and make long term traffic on your website.

Seo helps in reduce the cost
One other major advantage of seo that it will save your money that is if you have a website then you will invest your lots of money in advertisement. Because you want that more users visit your site. And you have to pay every month for advertisement .But with the help of seo you can save your advertisement money. Because seo is cheap and you can done it yourself also. And you do not need to invest again and again on it. So seo helps in reduce the cost

If you don’t have enough to invest on seo so you can done it yourself it s not so difficult. Anyone can have some interest can easily understand the concept of seo
Thus by seo you can your website enough traffic and get ranked by search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing. And one thing remember seo is totally legal. So if you want to learn seo be with Read our next post. Types of SEO

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