Types of seo

What are the types of seo

You have read about seo and what is the main purpose of seo . Now you will find the types of seo .There are mainly two types of seo .
One is off page seo and the other is on page seo. But these are further divided in to different steps. Both are equally important for the ranking of website

On page SEO

on page seo means that is done on the html page like keyword , title tag meta tags etc . all the steps are given below .

Of f page SEO

off page seo mean that we will not change the content of page or no changes will made in html. Off page seo including Social Bookmarking,Directory submission etc. All other steps are given below.

On page SEO includes the following things 

  1. Keyword selection as per the theme of the site.
  2. Taking proper care of keyword prominence, keyword density.
  3. Doing proper on page optimization as per the recent google algorithm
  4. Keyword rich title optimization and meta tags creation.
  5. Creating sitemaps, robot.txt , info.url file.
  6. Url rewriting of the website. (a very good alternative to create descriptive url's)
  7. Google analytics
  8. Google webmaster tools Verification
  9. Yahoo site explorer verification
  10. Bing webmaster tools verification
  11. Putting inline javascript in the compressed external files.
  12. Header analysis, it is advisable to remove junk codes from header part of the page or put them in external compressed files, for better website performance.
  13. More about on page seo

OFF page SEO include the following things

  1. Directory submission
  2. Social bookmarking
  3. Press releases
  4. RSS feed submission
  5. Blog submission
  6. Article submission
  7. Creating link Wheel
  8. Forum post
  9. Web 2.0 creations
  10. Profile links


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