35 + Set of Photoshop custom shapes

Photoshop is most significant tool used in designing. And Photoshop custom shapes are most significant in Photoshop. Because in increase the reusability. You can draw custom shapes yourself or there are thousands of shapes available on internet. You just need to download them and install them. But you should aware about how to install custom shapes in photoshop. And you can use them easily. Here is the list of more than 35 set of custom photoshop shapes.

Web and Technology Logos
Web and Technology Logos

Different tattoos

Home,Sun,Clouds shape
misc-Home,Sun,Clouds shape

snowflakes shapes

Shopping Ecommerce Icons Shapes
Shopping Ecommerce Shapes

12 Animal Custom Shapes
Animal Custom photoshop Shapes

Badges Custom Shapes
Badges Custom Shapes

25+ Flowers Shapes

Flowers Shapes

Star Burst
Star burst custom shapes

Animal custom Shapes
Animal Custom Shapes

500 Shapes Set
set of 500 shapes

Hand Drawn Arrows
Hand drawn Arrows Shapes

Custom Web Shapes
set of Custom Web Shapes

chat comment box shapes

Common used shapes
Common used shapes

Custom Media Shapes
Media shapes

Car logos
car logos shapes

Sexy girls Shape
sexy girls

Custom Arrows
custom web arrows

Floristic shapes
Floristic shapes

Straights and Swirls
Straights and Swirls Photoshop Shapes

Live Trees
Live trees

Flourish ornaments
Flourish ornaments Vector

Bugs shapes

Dead Trees
Dead trees

Custom Shape Pack
custom shape pack

Mix Shapes
Mix sahpes

Super Hero Shapes
super hero

Tv channels and Companies
Tv Channels and Famous companies

Kitchen appliances
Kitchen appliances Shapes

Females Shapes
Custom females shapes

Social icons
custom social icons shapes

Speaker shapes
speaker shapes

Guns shapes

Zodiac signs
Zodiac signs Shapes Photoshop

Rss Icons Shapes
Rss feed icons shapes

Business Girls
busines-girls and women

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