What is directory submission

What is directory submission?

There are lots of web directories which contains many of sites. Directory submission is a process of add websites to online web directory. There are many online directories which allow you to add your website in the list. And after submitting the website they will approve that site .

Role of  directory submission in SEO

Directory submission is the very important part of SEO. It is basically included in off page SEO. I have mentioned on page SEO and Off page SEO in one of my previous articles.

Increase Ranking: Directory submission generate foot prints for your site for search engines by following these footprints search engine find your site show in the search result. So as the search engine show your site in search result the ranking of your site will be increase.

Directory Submission Get Traffic: In directory we submit the site in a particular category so which help to people find the sites of a category. That will give a generic traffic to your website.

Free Directory Submission: As I have said some online sites are there which allow you to submit your site. In which some sites are free and some are paid. I advice you to submit your sites on paid directory. Because they have a good will and that really impact your website. Because if you have a back link from a good site then indexing of your site will be increase.

Manually Submit directory submission:  there are two types of directory submission one is automatic and manually. I advice you manually because manually you can put right keywords while submitting your site. And also you can read the rules and regulations of the site where you are submitting the sites. Because every site has its own rules and regulations and if your site is not according to that then they will not approve your site.
Not do fast: you should not submit your site to lots of directory in one day. You should do it slowly. You should take atleast 5 or 6 days
Some of directory submission sites:

  1. Technorati
  2.  247webdirectory
  3.  brandez 
  4.  canadawebdir
  5.  cis2010

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