How to Create a CSS Dropdown Menu

To create a menu with css is not a difficult task. You must understand the css and selectors of css. And you are able to create your own drop down menu with css. There is no need of images, jquery or javascript. If you are not able to create a menu with css no need to worry you can find it on our site.
In this post you will learn how to create a drop down menu with css3 only. We are not using any image or any javascript in this. And if you don't want to use jquery menu in your site and you want to use css3 menu. Then here is the best option for you. You can customize it easily.


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Now we are creating a dropdown menu that has two levels of drop downs. The child drop down will be show when the user will hover on parent link.
Now follow the steps for create a menu.

Html Structure

I am not using div instead I am using nav because I am using html 5 and The

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